Ambleside Schools International (ASI) Internship

The value of training in giving impulse and direction, as well as knowledge and power, can hardly be overstated…”The Principles of Education” is a wide subject…The differences however between merely reading an educational work and being trained on the principles laid down in the work are as the difference between seeing a light and being kindled at a flame.
– Essexx Cholmondeley, The Story of Charlotte Mason

Ambleside School of Herndon will be hosting an internship this year on March 14-16, 2017. If you are interested in experiencing Charlotte Mason’s educational principles applied, learning more about Ambleside Schools, or growing in the Ambleside Method, begin by attending an Ambleside Internship. This 3-day internship is held during the academic year, usually beginning on a Wednesday morning and concludes on a Friday afternoon. Internships offer participants:

  • a comprehensive view of an Ambleside education.
  • occasion to study the thought of Charlotte Mason.
  • opportunity to observe teachers modeling Ambleside Method.
  • small-group discussion of Mason’s approach and the Ambleside Method with master teachers.

During the internship, participants reflect on:

  • what it means to be a person.
  • how to raise children as persons.
  • how a relational atmosphere affects our capacity to learn.
  • how habit shapes our learning and our lives.
  • how to cultivate new habits.
  • how loving relationships and inspirational ideas empower persons to learn and grow.

Internships are normally limited to 12 participants.
Cost is $800 per person ($725 per person for groups of 3 or more). Includes a light breakfast and lunch each day.

To reserve your space or request additional information, please contact Ambleside Schools International.