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General Description of an Ambleside Teacher

Ambleside teachers demonstrate an active, daily commitment to Jesus Christ and share His heart for children. They love books, ideas, nature, and learning a wide variety of subjects.  They are willing to become students of Charlotte Mason and teach using her pedagogy.  They are able to lead young people with authority and respect, insight and courage, love and inspiration. They are committed to Jesus’ principles of relationship with God and others through practice and prayer.

Besides the core subjects of math, literature, history and science, teachers at Ambleside instruct in many other areas of study teaching from 12- 16 subjects a week. Our curriculum uses few textbooks; Ambleside teachers are able to master and teach their subjects without the usual educational aids and lesson guides.

Experience in the classroom and a major in an academic subject from a liberal arts program is preferred. A Bachelor’s Degree is required.

Ambleside School is associated with Ambleside Schools International, an association of schools, educators and leaders working together for educational renewal.