Giving Option

With our change of location to Providence Baptist Church near Tyson’s Corner in McLean, we have exciting opportunities ahead of us.

Our challenges include furnishing additional classroom and lab space, setting up a dedicated school library, and expanding into a larger space that can accommodate more students and school-wide events.

Our prayer is that the Lord will establish the work of our hands as we begin a new era for Ambleside School at our new location. Please join us in this effort! Your gift can be directed to be used in the following areas:  

Ambleside General Fund

Tuition Assistance Fund

New Facility FUND

Tuition Assistance Fund:  

33% of our students receive tuition assistance.  We are committed to a student body with socio-economic diversity and to helping families whose budgets become stretched.  Your gift today may allow your child’s best friend to continue their Ambleside education or help the family of a pastor or missionary attend our Christ-centered school.  

New Facility Fund:   

To prepare this new place for our school community, we will need sturdy bookshelves for our new library and classrooms, paint to enhance the new space, and funding for the costs of moving and zoning.   Your gift may purchase a bookcase, move a grade, or refurbish a classroom.  

Please give prayerfully, generously, and cheerfully to Ambleside as we prepare for this exciting new chapter in the life of our school.


Ways to Make a Contribution

Cash & Checks

Monetary donations are greatly appreciated! When giving via check, please make it payable to Ambleside School and mail to:

Ambleside School
1089 Liberty Meeting Court
Herndon, VA 20170

Donate Online

We accept online donations via PayPal (below). You may use any major credit card and a PayPal account is not required.  Simply click above to donate to one of our funds and follow the instructions.

Ambleside receives no financial support from federal, state, or local governments. Instead, we rely on tuition and charitable gifts to implement our program. Support from Ambleside families is crucial. Throughout the year the Board of Trustees sponsors a variety of events, which invite our families to participate in the life of the school and encourage giving. Monies raised by special events and contributions are vital to Ambleside’s operating budget and the tuition assistance program.

Ambleside School is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. All charitable gifts to Ambleside are tax deductible in accordance with current tax laws.

The majority of our annual giving goes to support our tuition assistance program, while the remainder is used to fund our contingency planning. Ambleside has always embraced the diversity that characterizes and strengthens our community. To support this commitment, we provide financial aid to families in order to balance our student body, support enrollment objectives, and meet the financial needs of qualified students who cannot afford full tuition costs.