letter from the Head of the school


Dear Prospective Family,

Thank you for your interest in Ambleside School. Our school was founded in 1999 as an independent, K-8, Christ-centered school. Ambleside is affiliated with a worldwide network of schools, Ambleside Schools International.

At Ambleside School, we believe that God creates each child with a natural hunger for knowledge and that the mind is fed by ideas more than by facts and information. These ideas, which inform our conscience and the choices that we make, find their source in God Himself, and are communicated to us through His Word, through people of the past and present, and through His creation.

Education properly understood is not merely the assimilation of data and technique.

Education properly understood is not merely the assimilation of data and technique; it is the mind feeding on ideas given expression in God’s creation, great art, beautiful music, and “living books.” Real learning occurs when students engage with novelists, poets, philosophers, scientists, mathematicians, artists, musicians, historians, and explorers; they wonder, asking why and how.

Our aim is to train students in the habits of learning so they can acquire knowledge for themselves and to fuel their God-given hunger for ideas.

Please explore the information contained on our website and call the school office at (703) 430-4034 if you have any questions, or wish to schedule a classroom observation.

Virginia Wilcox
Head of School

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Letter from the Head of School

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