Inspired Education


All education is self-education.  At Ambleside, we seek to cultivate habits of attention, thoughtfulness, and diligence.  We know that students must discover, learn, and create for themselves; we also know that hard work is required for all things worthwhile.


Spread a feast.  The best of literature, art, music, science, and natural wonder are placed in front of our students to cultivate a love for the true, the good, and the beautiful.  Discover Ambleside.


Education is a relationship.  Our students are taught the importance of good relationships: with themselves, their peers, their teachers, their authors, and with God.  Each of our students takes their place in a community bigger and more beautiful than they could make themselves.

The old meets the new.  At Ambleside School, we draw on the great western tradition of thinkers, authors, composers, poets, artists, and scientists to inspire and educate.  We see further because we stand on the shoulders of giants.


Masterly inactivity.  Our students play outside, create tree-forts, scale rocks, sketch and paint nature, and sled down hills.  Discover the freedom of “masterly inactivity” at Ambleside.

Live Christ.  Christ-centered education means more than rules and discipline: it means discipleship.  Real Scripture, real relationships, and real habit-formation characterize our classrooms.  Come visit us at Ambleside School.

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