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Happening at Ambleside


Ambleside hosts a number of special events throughout the school year for our students, families, and the wider community.  Please note a few of our upcoming events on this page. 


Christmas Candlelight

December 21st | Time TBA

Before the beginning of the Christmas holiday vacation, we gather as a school community for an evening of song and scripture presented by our students.

Ambleside evenings

Ambleside Evenings are a way for parents to support one another in caring for their children, build relationships together through food and fellowship, and become a stronger school community as we learn about how to bring the transformative power of Charlotte Mason’s method into our homes.  

Each Evening includes with a potluck supper and a guided discussion of how Charlotte Mason's method applies to parenting.



Shakespeare Festival

June 7th | 3 PM - 5 PM

Our annual Shakespeare Festival includes performances of songs, poems, and dances presented by the lower grades.  The Festival culminates in one of William Shakespeare's plays performed by the 7th and 8th grade classes.  Our most recent Shakespeare Festival featured The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

"To become intimate with Shakespeare in this way is a great enrichment of mind and instruction of conscience. Then, by degrees, as we go on reading this world-teacher, lines of insight and beauty take possession of us, and unconsciously mould our judgments of men and things and of the great issues of life." 

- Charlotte Mason


Happening at Ambleside

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